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Sex Positions For Christians

You know, that title so bugs me! That there would be a differentiation between sex positions for Christians and non-Christians is rather ludicrous. But it does come up - hence this article.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with Christians having sex in a position in any other way than the missionary position? Forgive my directness, but give me the scripture.

The fact is that when God left Adam and Eve to taste each other's delights, the only influence they had was to possibly see how the creatures were doing it all around them: Sex Education 101. Does that sound crude to you? Why? God made it ALL good, didn't he? So what part of "all" are we trying to exclude?

Now before you think I approve of bestiality, think again. I am merely suggesting that the first man and woman had no knowledge of evil and in their innocence probably made note of all the cavorting that was probably going on all around them and let it inspire their own ideas. We can only guess that God gave Adam some minimal instruction of what to avoid.

But fast forward past the "fall" and, thanks to Puritans and other religious fanatics, sex has been relegated to the necessary evil category and only for procreation. To this day certain religions say that God and the angels turn their backs on a man and a woman when they make love. Again, Scripture please!

I ask you, who invented sex in the first place? Who put the male and female pleasure spots in such reachable positions? If God had not meant for us to have pure but passionate sex all the time, why did he build in sex "buttons" and erogenous zones? The fact is He did invent male and female sexuality. And He meant for us to try anything, anywhere we can get away with it.

In the Song of Solomon, the Shulamite and her lover met under trees and meadows. They tasted and touched and tried anything. How can such an erotic book be included in the Word of God? Simply because God wants us to know how much He loves us. So much so that the only limitations you can find in scripture is that sex should be between a man and a woman, not with animals or same sex partners or someone else's mate.

So, let me just say that there are no "wrong" sex positions - thus all positions are for Christians! Throw out your tendency to judge right and wrong (man has delineated more sins than God ever did). This is for you and your lover to determine - not someone else.

It really is time to stop giving the devil or some perverted porn mogul credit for the absolute beauty of erotic love between a husband and his wife. God wants all of his children to experience all the beauty of married sexual love.

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